Investing from the ground up, for the long term.

Alefbet Holdings is a privately owned investment company with an active and strategic involvement in all our businesses. We develop, build and invest in companies that deliver both organic and sustainable growth.

Our investments are strategically driven by a unique combination of data, analytics, technology and talented people. Service excellence combined with innovation, an entrepreneurial mindset and high performance sits at the centre of everything we do.

From the outset, our business model has been shaped by a commitment to:

  • Be the very best at what we do
  • Retain our values of integrity and customer centricity in our growth path
  • Ensure the companies we invest in succeed and thrive in their respective fields and industry

Our range of Global Business Services have grown significantly to include collections, accounts receivables, education and training and customer service. All our businesses are designed to deliver measurable, scalable and performance excellence across a wide range of industries and geographies.